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I won't be on the internet for a little while

2011-04-16 14:22:22 by Chrisspy

Okay, I've been really busy in the past week or so.(Sorry, Martin, I havn't checked my PM box lately.) I won't be on the internet in the next 2 or 3 weeks, so if I get a PM or something you may not get a reply for a little while. I just have a lot to do, and I don't always have time to do internet stuff. In the spare time I do have, I'm gonna work on another flash animation. I know most of you think my stuff is useless, but I do work really hard on flash, even though it seems like I only work on them for a half hour. The reason I don't submit stuff very often is because the animations that are just 20 seconds really take me about 2 weeks to make. For all you guys that want to get flash and do some animations with it; they are tough to make. You go drawing picture after picture if you're doing frame by frame, which I do, and it is difficult sometimes. I just want to say that I work really hard on everything I submit, I'm gonna try to make the next one a minute or longer. Oh yeah, and I know most of the reveiws of Mr. Giggles said that they wanted music. Well, I don't have any music that will import into flash. The only track I have is the second theme from Madness 2, which I can't use since it's probably under a license, and I don't really have any extra money to pay the creator to use it. So, to sum it all up: I won't be on the internet for a while, I'm really putting it all into my next flash, and I enjoy food. Bye for now.


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2011-04-16 15:41:37

P.S. I'll read any comments eventually.


2011-04-16 17:03:39

Actually, making animations is easy to do. Some people just need more experince with flash. As for your music problem, try using some songs from the audio portal. I'm pretty sure the creators that usually submit there songs there will let you use them, as long as you ask them.


2011-06-18 12:08:46

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