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Help me out here, would you please?

Posted by Chrisspy - May 5th, 2011

Alright, could you guy tell me how to make a decent flash? I know most of the internet thinks I'm a total *** hole, but most reviews of my flashes are just telling me they're bad. So, I don't know what you guys want to see in a good flash. I really don't have any music to use because: Flash won't accept .mp3 files that are more than 1 minute long, and I don't have the money to pay someone to make music; I'm really screwed there unless someone wants to take the time and effort to make music for free, and I doubt that would happen for most people. I want to make voices, but I don't have a crew, It's just me. Plus, my microphone is crap. (I have to use a Rockband 2 microphone.) It makes my voice sound like a demented 6-year-old. Is there any ideas you internet dwellers could suggest me? I'm pretty stuck with another Sword demonstration for now since that requires no voices, and I have some sounds to use. That's pretty much it for now.

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You can't tell a person how to make a decent flash. Pardon me for sounding generic, but good flash comes from the heart. The best advice one can give you is practice. Experiment with the different drawing tools, even try making a sprite flash or two.

If you have a test flash, DO NOT SUBMIT IT! If you /need/ to upload it, you should just post it on your dumping grounds and make a link to it on your news post.

Thanks, man. (Or, would that be woman?)

Oh, and take as much criticism as you can.

It doesn't matter if their review is a long ass essay or several sentences. If it offers ways on how to improve, you should try to do it.

But Flash can accept music longer than one minute. You just must be using bad .mp3 files.
I could probably help you with voice acting for stuff, but I'm not the most reliable guy.

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