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2011-05-20 16:25:44 by Chrisspy

Okay, I'm just doing some updates on everything. I'm still working on Flash, and yesterday I modified Madness Interactive a little bit. Really I just changed the Eyepatch, Ninja mask, Bonzo mask, and Gas mask. You should be able to play it here. If it doesn't work then, just tell me and I'll try to fix it. In the case of submittable as my own Flash, I'm working on another Sword Demonstration. Some changes besides it being a different plot are: The unnamed failing guy will be replaced by Jax, who is another one of my characters (He's more detailed than the other guy.), sound effects will be added, I'm upping the FPS to 20 instead of the original 10 FPS, and it will be longer. I'm gonna try to make a comeback since it seems no one thinks my stuff is that good at all. It'll take me a while since I don't have all day every day to work, plus I have myself as a crew. So, that's all, Bye for now!



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