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A work in progress

2011-11-12 18:04:19 by Chrisspy

I suppose I should work on Flash instead of playing TF2 or drawing. So, I will. I'm making a sequel to Sword Demonstration. It will still be the black background w/ white lines style with some art improvements. I'll also have a MUCH longer run time. I finally realized that 10 seconds won't do anymore. I'm adding sound and hopefully some music. It should be out in a few months. (Depending on how progress can go without it sucking really bad.)

P.S. I know that I said that I was leaving forever. That has obviously changed. I feel like I don't even get constructive criticism, people just tell me that it sucks. That won't help me, I need people to point out my flaws. Thanks, and have a good weekend.


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