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NG Total Reset Button?

2012-09-10 17:00:45 by Chrisspy

Anyone know if there's way way to delete all your submissions, art, news, and favorites? Trying it manually won't actually change anything. Any help is appreciated.

I'd just like to put everything else behind me as of now. I've had my period of learning Flash and whatnot with trolls making mute points. Real work starts now. If you have any tips/hidden techniques, please PM me.

Site Redesign

2012-02-08 16:30:55 by Chrisspy

Um, I don't even know what to say. It's real nice and all, but I'll have to get used to it. Great job, NG team!

A work in progress

2011-11-12 18:04:19 by Chrisspy

I suppose I should work on Flash instead of playing TF2 or drawing. So, I will. I'm making a sequel to Sword Demonstration. It will still be the black background w/ white lines style with some art improvements. I'll also have a MUCH longer run time. I finally realized that 10 seconds won't do anymore. I'm adding sound and hopefully some music. It should be out in a few months. (Depending on how progress can go without it sucking really bad.)

P.S. I know that I said that I was leaving forever. That has obviously changed. I feel like I don't even get constructive criticism, people just tell me that it sucks. That won't help me, I need people to point out my flaws. Thanks, and have a good weekend.

Well, I've been a sleez butt, and have gotten no work done in the past 3 months. I know nobody cares, and I'm perfectly fine with that. So, go on, do whatever Newgrounders do.

A change in plans..

2011-07-25 15:06:01 by Chrisspy

Alright. I know I said I've been working on Another Sword Demonstration, and I have. But now I'm making it into a little game. That's all I'm gonna tell you for now. Don't get too excited over it, it won't be amazing, but it's a start.

Flash is resuming! And YouTube!

2011-07-02 12:05:24 by Chrisspy

Since I just got my tablet fixed, I can work on Flash more. I'm also working with bluefoxTM to make a first person shooter game. I've been in a slump for Flash since I can't get a good plot for Another SD. There's gonna be something coming up.

I'm also gonna try to get some progress reports on my Youtube channel. ( 195/) Just showing that I'm getting actual work done. Another note is that I'm using 20fps instead of 10fps like the original SD. So, progress reports will probably be posted on Youtube, and I'll see what comes out.

(Colored picture of the demonstrator in another SD.)

Flash is resuming! And YouTube!

My tablet isn't working again.

2011-06-25 14:05:47 by Chrisspy

Yep, title says all! My tablet isn't working, so I can't get any flash done whatsoever. It's a Wacom intuos4 size small. If anyone can tell me what to do since it's unresponsive?

Alright, I decided to check NG to see if I had gotten any PMs or whatever, when I checked my news posts, most of them had comments by sonic junkies and were the same thing. All of it was just links to porn videos! Sorry to burst you spam bubbles, but you guys spammin' me are crapheads! Just leave me alone, I already have enough problems. So, read my news posts and if you're a moderator or something, could you help me out here! If anyone else is having these problems, please report them!

I'm leaving NG...

2011-06-11 12:57:00 by Chrisspy

...For a while. Mostly because I need to get some work in Flash done. And because this site is giving me feedback that is against me. (For all of you that have helped me(Martin, Chdonga, ect.) this doesn't apply to you.) If there isn't bad feedback, then there's no feedback. So, If I do anything, I'll probably post it to deviantART or somewhere else. End of story, bye.