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Sam & Alex: Lead Refills

2011-03-31 19:57:49 by Chrisspy

Okay, a remake of that intolerable flash Sam & Alex has been posted, hopefully this one won't get Blammed. If you watch it, Something may explode irrationally...

How about them Pokemons?

2011-03-28 17:04:25 by Chrisspy

So, Who's your favorite Pokemon starter of all time?
Just thought I'd bring it up since I got a chance to play Black & White over the past few days.

Website Added!

2011-03-24 20:07:16 by Chrisspy

I have a website now! Feel free to join it and stuff, or not; It's your decision.

What do you think of me?

2011-03-22 17:53:47 by Chrisspy

Okay, now be honest. What do you guys think of me?

The Truth...

2011-03-19 17:26:56 by Chrisspy

I guess it's time to say it. I don't actually know how to use Flash, that's why I'm so bad at it. I just know frame by frame, and code snippets. And in my own opinion I'm better at drawing with paper than using my tablet.

The REAL Mr. Giggles!

2011-03-14 17:19:08 by Chrisspy

Yes, Mr. Giggles IS real.

The REAL Mr. Giggles!

Did You Know...

2011-03-11 19:06:40 by Chrisspy

Has anyone heard of the Steam game Portal? If you have; then I have recently found out that my cousin (necrobard) was the first person in the world to beat it. Is anyone else related to these kind of people?


2011-03-07 17:27:49 by Chrisspy

So, Now Chrisspy is on Youtube. Go internet! Here's my Page

Today's Mah Birthday!

2011-02-24 19:55:33 by Chrisspy

Erm Okay, I was born multiple years ago on this day around 9:45 PM EST.
Planning on getting a USB Xbox 360 contrailler!



2011-01-11 20:22:13 by Chrisspy

Well It Seems My project Is almost finished. Flash isn't my strongest type of art but I'm having a good time making this one. so be on the lookout for a kinda sucky, monochrome color inverted flash submission.